Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tacky Sweater Christmas Party

Introducing our new Christmas look: "tacky sweaters", complete with snowflake turtlenecks! Last night my Team in Training marathon group had a tacky sweater Christmas party and this was our attire for the evening! And yes, Randolph is all decked out in a woman's sweater and turtleneck, what a trooper! I must say he pulled it off well, that sweater is classic with all the snowmen and sequins! I found both our sweaters at a local consignment shop and the turtlenecks came from Walmart! I think I will keep these around in our wardrobe for future parties!

Sugar cookies and cake balls I took to the party!

Here's a look at all the other tacky sweaters!

Paul & Jessica

Top: Debbie, Heather, Dana, Mary Kendall, Kimee, Katie, Ashton
Bottom: Heather, Me

Thomas & Katie

Heather & Me

Me & Randolph

Beth & Melissa
Now this is one tacky the dog "stockings" for boots and all the tinsel

Heather & Thomas signing karaoke Christmas carols
I must admit I did sing some Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas Is You Baby"

Kimee & Stanton

Jamie & Susan
her sweater was handmade with a strand of Christmas lights and a battery pack underneath to make them glow or to flash - what a clever idea!

Girls: Katie, Beth, Jennifer
Guys: Brian, Thomas

Love the dueling female sweater vests!

Merry Christmas from the tacky sweater gang!


  1. Hi! I work for TNT in VA. Saw this link come across on Google Alerts and love it! Great sweaters. Thanks for all that you do for LLS!


  2. What a fun party!! Yummy treats too :)

  3. How awesome!!! Great pics... these are hilarious!


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