Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sugar Cookie Disaster + Minnie Mouse

Baking these days seems to be all about cookies in my kitchen! I've made my sugar cookie recipe a million times and have it memorized...however with this batch of cookies (well actually the 2 batches prior to the ones pictured above) something just wasn't right and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. So get ready for a good laugh...as I am blaming this sugar cookie disaster on my "pregnancy brain" and being forgetful and clumsy these days!

So I started off making sugar cookies like I always do...I beat the butter and sugar as normal, added the eggs, vanilla and dry ingredients and realized the batter was a little on the sticky side. Telling myself it was because I used a different brand of butter this time around I proceeded to roll and cut my cookies. I put the cookies in the oven to bake, however the cookies were not getting done and I had to add an additional 5-6 minutes to the normal baking time. Still just blaming this out of the ordinary baking experience on using a different brand of butter. Then as the cookies continue to take forever to bake they are spreading out into unrecognizable blobs and no longer Minnie Mouse ears. Still I'm blaming the butter and have no clue what is going on with my recipe. So what do I do, proceed to make a second batch of cookies...and still I get the same results...baffled at what is going on. It was not until I was pulling the last pan of cookies from the second batch out of the oven that it dawns on me...I only used 2 cups of flour instead of 3 cups! I couldn't believe I had just spent an hour baking and had made such a stupid mistake!

I laughed it off, took a little break and then proceeded to remake 2 batches of cookies with the proper ingredient amounts and came out with these super cute Minne Mouse ears! I will now forever remember that I need 3 cups of flour in my sugar cookie recipe!

What kind of baking disasters have you had lately in your kitchen!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Due Date Cookies

As you may remember from this post I am expecting a little one coming in March! Well since that last post we have found out we are having a little boy! I can't believe the time has flown by so fast and he will be here in just under 9 weeks! To share the exciting news I thought it would be fun to create some "due date" cookies. This is my spin off of some wedding save the date cookies I came across one day while browsing the web. Our little boy will be here on or around March 22! There's still lots to do with decorating the nursery and coming up with a name!

I'm so excited that I get to share in this exciting time with my great friend Jennifer who is also pregnant with her first child, a little girl coming just 6 weeks before our boy! You may remember the gender reveal cake I made for Jennifer! So of course I had to make Jennifer and baby Cora some of their own cookies too!

Jennifer and I have had a great time being pregnant together and sharing all kinds of crazy stories about our growing bellies and nursery plans! I'm so glad I have a great friend to share in this amazing experience with! Our kids will be instant friends and we always joke and say they will get married some day!

Stay tuned for more baby updates! I'm excited to see if these due date cookies are accurate for both of us!

If you have any suggestions for little boy names I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Italian Cream "Snowball" Cupcakes

Happy New Year! WOW it has been a LONG time since I have posted, and I am so sorry! Things were a little hectic with the holidays, work, traveling and family during the month of December so my baking adventures were very sparse...unlike past years! I am happy to finally be back on the blog today to share with you a new cupcake recipe for Italian Cream "Snowball" cupcakes!

I did get to experience one crazy snow day while visiting my family in KY a few weeks ago...lets just say the roads were covered in ice and I got stuck on a hill and couldn't get up it for about 30 minutes. I do not miss the the snowy cold weather at all...boy am I glad to be back in Mobile where the temps are in the mid 60-70s during the winter!

I had a great time making these cupcakes in KY with family a few times over the holidays. Head on over to Half Baked for the recipe. You have gotta try these fluffy little cakes packed full of coconut and walnuts and topped with cream cheese frosting! It's a family recipe and one that we absolutely love!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012!
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