Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sneak Peak

Happy December 1st! I'm so excited for the smell of peppermint, glittery ornaments, Christmas carols and oh so much holiday baking! Tonight Randolph and I started off December by going to pick out our Christmas tree from the same lot we have gone to the past three years. Oh how I love the smell of fresh evergreen trees! The tree is standing 8 feet tall in the corner of our living room, but will probably be bare for a few days until we can get down all the lights and decorations from the attic this weekend!

I'm planning to kick off my holiday baking tomorrow, so until then I wanted to share with you all a sneak peak photo from a recent baby shower I hosted. My cousin Suzi is having her first baby, a little girl due on Christmas Eve, I'm so excited for her! The picture you see above gives away a few clues about the shower...there was pink & gray and sugar cookies! I'm sorry, that is all I can share with you for now. You see there is a reason why this secret must be kept just a little while longer! I have submitted photos from the shower to the amazingly talented Amy Atlas the queen of dessert tables and she is going to feature this event on her blog! Amy truly is an inspiration to so many in the entertaining & dessert world, her work is one of a kind and her creativity is endless! Unfortunately I don't know when she will feature this shower, but to even be considered for recognition on her site is truly an honor. So I will sit back and wait patiently until the photos are posted for all to see! I really am happy with how all the details came together for Suzi's shower, and can't wait to share more photos and details with you all here!

If your curiosity is getting the best of you, feel free to leave me a comment with what you think the theme of the shower was or what other desserts were featured! I may or may not answer with a Yes or a No! But this could be a fun little game while we wait!


  1. I'm so excited for Christmas too! I love the festivity, the food and the general happy atomsphere :)

    Cute biscuits too, I'm sure your cousin loved them.

  2. This is so random, but was the theme buttons? I hope there were strawberries involved to go along w/the pink! :)

  3. Mollie - I think you may be on to something with the buttons or the strawberries, but which one, I cannot tell!

  4. Congrats - that's so awesome! I follow Amy Atlas' blog too, so I'll be watching for your feature. I'm hoping that the theme was buttons - my sister is pregnant, and I was planning on doing a button-themed shower for her. I would love to see some ideas!!


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