Monday, May 2, 2011

Pink Piggies

It is really May already? Where have the days baking list is a mile long with recipes I want to try or new cake decorating techniques to practice, but my posts seem to be getting fewer and farther in between these days. I truly do apologize for my lack of updates to CIS lately, but April was one hectic month for me and May is turning out to be that way as well! I can assure you all I am still here and still baking up a storm but I am just not able to find enough time to dedicate to getting posts together these days! So please bare with me through this chaotic time and continue to check back for some new sugar inspiration!

This past weekend was the 13th Annual Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I run marathons and also just recently designed a product for runners called RACEDAY books. So this past weekend I "hightailed it" (that was the theme of the marathon this year) north and headed to Cincy to sell my books at the marathon expo and also run the half marathon.

Of course this also gave me an excuse to bake some cute pink little piggy cookies to pass out to people who visited my booth! It was an awesome yet very exhausting weekend! I sold a ton of RACEDAY books, met lots of runners from all over the US, ran a half marathon in the rain, and stepped foot in 5 states in less than 24 hours yesterday (KY, OH, GA, FL, AL) from running the race (KY & OH) to flying from state to state (OH to GA to FL) and then driving home (AL).

This coming weekend is going to be just as crazy...because the time has come to make this cake. Wish me luck on my largest cake baking adventure yet!


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