Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purple Polka Dots

This weekend my neighbor Olivia turned the big "3". For her birthday she wanted a chocolate cake with purple icing and polka dots! I must say this is one easy to please 3 year old! At first I was playing around with the idea of adding various shades of purple polka dots using fondant. In the end I decided to stick with good ole' buttercream frosting for decorating the cake. I am loving how the cake turned out and so glad I decided to stick with the same shade of purple, its clean and simple!

To add a touch of contrast I decided to personalize the cake using a deeper shade of purple and cut out some fondant letters using this alphabet cutter set.

I delivered the cake to Olivia and what do you know she was wearing an outfit in the exact same shade of purple, it was too cute! Wish I would have gotten her picture!

Here's a picture of sweet Olivia taken about a month ago enjoying one of my cake pops! She sure was holding on to this pop super tight, as only minutes sooner our black lab Tillman had snatched another pop right out of her hand! Olivia is a huge fan of my baked goods! Almost every time I see her she asks "do you have any cupcakes?"...too cute! Or if she isn't asking for sweets she is asking "is my boyfriend home?"...let's just say she is trying to steal my husband. She thinks Randolph is her boyfriend and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Anytime she sees him she gets this huge smile on her face and gets all shy! She has a crush!

Happy Birthday Olivia!


  1. Love this cake, and it is so simple and clean! The purple makes it. Why does your blog always make me so hungry?!?

  2. what a lovely cake! the dots really make it playful ;)


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