Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another wedding cake in my future?

Have you seen this picture of Hillary Duff's wedding cake? This is definitely not your typical wedding cake covered in buttercream frosting or fondant and elaborately garnished with ornate stencils, sugar work or intricate details, but it still definitely screams "wedding" by the sheer height of the cake.
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I don't know about you but I kind of like the vibe this cake gives off. It's simple and rustic and a new twist on the traditional tiered cake with it's minimal decoration. For all you icing lovers, this cake may not be your cup of tea, but I'm not one for excess icing so this would be perfect for my taste. And as a new cake decorator the stress of making sure the icing is perfectly smooth on the outside of the cake is completely eliminated!

This week was the first time I had seen this cake, when my friend Kelly sent me a picture of it asking if I could make this for her wedding next May! I haven't fully committed to the challenge yet, as my standard cake seems to be a 3 layer 8", or maybe a 6" round on top of that if I'm feeling really gusty. So let's just say I've got some cake baking and stacking practice ahead of me over these next few months to feel confident I can pull off a cake of this caliber!

So what do you think about this cake? Is this cake your style or not? Just enough icing or not even close to enough icing? Do you think I'm capable of replicating this cake?

The bride-to-be has requested carrot cake with cream cheese frosting so if you have any great carrot cake recipes you'd be willing to share I'd love to try them! I'm on the hunt to finding that perfect recipe for her special day!


  1. You could definitley replicate it! It's SO GORGEOUS! Very elaborate, but not tacky at all. So yes, it's my type of cake.

  2. The cake is gorgeous! I am an icing lover, but this definitely has something cool and rustic to it. Accept the challenge! You can do it!!

  3. Love this look! I'd love to see your take on it ;)

  4. I'm not a HUGE frosting fan, so I can see why this cake would be appealing. My only problem is, with so much cake exposed, won't it get stale really fast?

  5. I love it! Hmmm, I could totally see doing a strawberry shortcake type. with creamcheese/whipped cream filling. yummie! Can't wait to see yours!

  6. Oh my!!
    I totally agrreeeeeeee:)
    This cake is stunning



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