Monday, May 16, 2011

Trucks & Turtles

One of my friend's and repeat customers asked me if I could bake something for both her son and daughter last week. It was her son's birthday and she wanted some red dump truck cookies for him to take to school and share with his friends. Last year I got to make a birthday sweet for him too, do you remember this John Deere cake?

I love getting the opportunity to bake year after year for the same kids. It's fun to see how their interests change over the course of the year and what the hot new toy trend is as they grow up.

Hope you had a great birthday Matthew!

I made this turtle pull apart cupcake cake for Matthew's older sister Alex for her Save the Turtle cakewalk at school.

This turtle cake was made using 12 cupcakes and would be such a fun project for kids.

-To create the body of the turtle place one cupcake down and then surround it with 6 cupcakes to create a circle.
-Then place 2 cupcakes at the back of the circle for the legs and 2 cupcakes at the front of the circle for the arms.
-Place the final cupcake at the top of the circle in between the arms for the head.
-Frost all cupcakes using green icing.
-To create the shell use some lime green tinted fondant (or whatever color you prefer). Cut out circles to place in the center of each cupcake that make up the body of the turtle. Roll out a long rope of fondant and gently place around the edge of the turtle body to create the border of the shell.
-Add some candy eyes, nose and mouth for facial features.

Hope you enjoy these two sweet treats!


  1. Super cute. Love those truck cookies!

  2. You are so creative! Love the cheery red truck cookies...and that clever pull-apart cake!


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