Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today there's a birthday boy in our house! My hubby, Randolph turned the big 33!

So yes that means we got 33 candles for his cake!

And I sang happy birthday to him. It was our birthday celebration, party of two, plus the dog!

His request was for a German Chocolate Cake with "frosting all over the outside and lots of nuts"! Here's the recipe I used off the box of Baker's German Sweet Chocolate. Let me just say, it is one rich, moist and delicious cake...amazing!

Make a wish!

His comment after the first bite: "this bread stuff is really moist"...oh yes, my husband refers to cake layers as "bread"....I have no clue why...but that just cracks me up....this isn't a sandwich you are is CAKE! Does anyone else's husband do this too?

No matter if he refers to it as "bread" or "cake" I still love him either way!

Happy Birthday "R"...Love you!


  1. Happy birthday to him! I've never likened cake to bread...but as long as they say it tastes nice I guess it doesn't matter what it's refered to :)

  2. Beautiful cake, my husband saw it and is asking for one. By the way he refers to all sweet treats as pie - go figure.


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