Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zebra Cake

Here are some shots of my latest cake creation...Zebra themed! I was so excited when my friend Kelly asked if I would make a cake for her mom's birthday. She said her mom loves animal prints and thought a Zebra striped cake would be a fun idea.

The cake is 3-layer covered in buttercream. The zebra stripes were cut free form out of black rolled fondant using a wheel cutter. To adhere the stripes to the buttercream I brushed the back of them with a tiny bit of water using a small paint brush.

I used a round decorating tip, Wilton #7 to pipe the green dots around the top of the cake. In order to pipe a precise circle of dots, I placed the lid from the top of an oatmeal container on top of the cake. I piped my circles along the edge of the lid, then gently lifted the lid away from the cake.

The ruffle border was piped using buttercream and two different decorating tips. Using Wilton tip # 18 I piped a shell border around the base of the cake. Then using Wilton tip # 127 I piped the ruffle border on top of the shell border.

Hopefully I'll get to make another animal print cake soon, this was a super fun cake to decorate!


  1. Looks great! I just made a zebra cake this past week as well!

  2. Omgosh. This cake looks fabulous!

  3. this zebra cake looks simply amazing, i am surprised that how the black strips are fixed so cleanly and neatly over the white cream, i would never be able to accomplish this task like this, its simply great looking and very creative tooo

  4. gorgeous cake! I have never made anything zebra, but it is so cute!


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