Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Train Cake

Last week when I was in KY my cousin Betsy wanted me to show her how to cover and decorate a cake in fondant for her son Brayden's upcoming 3rd birthday! I absolutely love the train theme she came up with, such a cute idea for a little boy! So in the weeks leading up to my trip Betsy and I exchanged numerous emails about all of the fondant and cake decorating supplies she would need to buy in order to decorate the cake! While I was in town we were making the "practice cake" since Brayden's birthday wasn't going to be for a few more weeks and I wouldn't be around to help her with the real cake.

So we called in my sister, Emily to help with the decorating so that when it comes time to recreate the same cake they could work together on the real cake. Emily actually made most of the 3D fondant train in this picture. Check out this super easy tutorial on how to make the train at Cake Journal. The instructions go step by step with photos using basic shapes to create a super cute train.

So first we got all the fondant ready. We used the Wilton primary color (red, yellow, blue, green) fondant pack you can pick up at your local craft store and then tinted some white fondant with pink coloring. Apparently Brayden's favorite color is pink right now...who would have thought right? He actually requested an all pink cake with pink frosting...but my cousin had to draw the line somewhere. So in order to incorporate pink into the cake but to still give it a boyish feel we decided to sneak small bursts of pink into the cake on the train cars that wrapped around the edge.

We cut out letters that spell "B R A Y D E N" to place on each of the train cars along with some circles for the wheels.

We used a square fondant cutter to get our basic shape and then cut them in half for the individual train cars.

Using a dab of water and a paint brush we applied the train cars and wheels around the base of the cake.

Then added the letters of his name to the train cars.

The birthday boy was sent off to grandma's house during the decorating, but he arrived home just in time to check out the final cake.

This is one happy birthday boy!

He's checking out that pink train car!

Spinning the cake around on the turntable a few times.

Me and Brayden!

Mommy & Brayden. My cousin is actually pregnant with baby #2 right now so Brayden will soon have a little sister in August.

Cake time! I think he's one happy little boy, pink cake and all!


  1. soo cute the cake looks! No wonder birthday boy is soo happy!

  2. awww, love that you posted these. I heard you were helping Bets do a trial cake. Wish I could be there to help taste test and make sure it'll be ok for the real bday :) I love checking out your creations, Lauren!

  3. Ah wow this is such a good cake, it looks like he loved it!!

  4. How very cute! How did you like the Wilton fondant?

  5. Hey Cookies & Cups: The Wilton fondant is pretty easy to work with and is easy to find at the local craft stores. That is the brand I have been using since I took the Wilton cake decorating courses. It is sold in smaller size boxes so its good to use for smaller projects. If you need a lot of fondant I think it would be best to buy it in bulk online, I've heard Satin Ice is a good brand with a ton of color varities.

  6. That is such a cute cake and what a happy birthday boy! He couldn't have a bigger smile on his face if he tried. Brilliant!


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