Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The time has arrived for...drum roll please....my 100th Blog post! Wow has the time flown by since I first started this blog last summer! So to celebrate this exciting occasion I thought it would be fun to bake cupcakes of course. Decorate them in some vibrant colors. And set them up to display the number "1oo". Originally I was thinking about baking 100 cupcakes but quickly eliminated that idea knowing that I would probably be the one having to stuff my face with all 100 of them. So I decided on something where I could still get my point across and not have to consume nearly as many calories to destroy the evidence of this sugar adventure!

I must admit when I first discovered the world of blogging I really had no clue what it was all about. The very first blog I read was Bakerella, aka the cake pop queen! If you have never checked out her site, be prepared to be in sugar heaven for hours! I am still in awe of her latest cake creations...mini hamburgers. Each time I visit her site, I am more impressed than the time before, her creativity just never ends! It is hard to believe that last May I stumbled across her blog and this was really the first time I had ever even heard the word "blog". I can't believe I hadn't discovered this concept sooner! I am still wondering what planet I had been living on that I didn't know what a blog was? So basically after a few months of following Bakerella's site I decided why not create a blog of my own.

So I created a blogger account and the rest is history, Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. was born. 100 posts later I have learned a lot about the blogging world but still have a lot more to discover. I have so many visions and dreams for my site that hopefully one day I will be able to bring to life. For now though I am content in sharing with you my adventures in baking, decorating and cupcaking from my kitchen to yours.

Each day that I bake, photograph, decorate or create a new recipe I am truly happy. Blogging is where I get to be creative and share a piece of myself with all of you. In addition to Bakerella I have been inspired by so many wonderful bloggers: I am Baker, Bake at 350, Joy the Baker, Cheeky Kitchen, My Baking Addiction, and Amy Atlas Events to name a few of my favorites. Everyday I am excited to check out what new creations each of these ladies have come up with, their talent is truly amazing! Thanks ladies for constantly challenging me to take on a new recipe, attempt a new cake decorating technique, providing design inspiration, sharing decorating tips and tricks or simply sharing some of your fabulous recipes that I have enjoyed making and eating throughout my blogging journey!

In the future there are still many more cupcake creations to come. After all the year is only about half over and I promised you all a cupcake a week for 52 weeks! Feel free to send my some cupcake recipes or decorating ideas that you would like for me to incorporate into my cupcake a week posts! I just couldn't resist creating this tiered cupcake cake, pretty darn cute! If you'd like to recreate this it was created with mini cupcakes using the following number on each layer: 19 pink, 12 blue, 6 red, 3 green and 1 orange.

So to all of my loyal readers thanks for checking in on my blog and leaving me comments! And to those of you who may have just recently discovered my blog, I hope you stick around and check out all the exciting and delicious things still to come!

Looking forward to 100 more blog posts!


  1. congrats! 100 posts is a great accomplishment :)

  2. CUTE cupcakes. And congratulations on 100 posts, exciting!

  3. Happy 100TH POST!! The frosting on those cupcakes look beautiful!! YUM :)

  4. Congratulations. Keep up the good work and ideas. I wish I lived closer so I could experience some of those good cupcakes.

  5. Congratulations! Your cupcakes look scrumptious! I wish you would hurry up and find out when you're coming home to see Mom and I, so I can enjoy some cupcakes.

  6. Congrats lady! Those cupcakes looks delightful!


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