Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Sugar Cupcakery

This weeks Cupcake a Week is a little late I know...sorry I was in KY traveling for work this week. Since I was traveling I was not able to whip up a batch of my own cupcakes this week so I figured the next best thing was to try out a local cupcake shop and share my experience with you! So are you ready to go inside of Sugar Cupcakery in Milford, OH?

I absolutely love their cupcake shop. How cute is this corner cupcakery painted in a deep plum with beautiful flower boxes. I was really impressed with the great curb appeal, I couldn't wait to see what's on the inside!

Sugar Cupcakery opened less than a year ago and has already received national recognition, airing on the preview episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network on June 13th. Did anyone else catch that show? I'm sure you know by now with my cupcake obsession that I was front and center in my living room, glued to the tv for an hour watching this cupcake war.

In case you didn't catch the show but want to tune in, here's what you can expect. Each episode of the show there are four cupcake bakeries with teams of two that compete against each other in 3 rounds of competition. After each round the teams present their cupcake creations to a panel of 3 judges, with 1 team being eliminated each round. The first round of competition the competitors are given a table full of ingredients that they have to choose from and come up with a new cupcake creation. The second round each cupcake bakery has to bake & decorate 3 of their signature cupcake flavors. The final round 2 bakeries have to make 1000 cupcakes using their signature flavors and come up with a giant display for them that fits into the theme of an actual party the winners cupcakes will be featured at. The winner also gets $10,000.

Sugar Cupcakery was represented on Cupcake Wars by owners and sisters Carla Jennings and Krista Tevar. All of their cupcakes are organic and they did very well on the show, making it to the final round and taking 2nd place in the competition. So when I found out I was going to be traveling to KY for work shortly after this show aired I knew I was going to make time to fit in a visit to their cupcake shop since I was only going to be about 30 minutes away.

My sister actually told me about this new cupcake shop and about them being featured on Cupcake Wars so I knew I had to bring her along with me. Lucky for me all of my family lives in KY so when I travel there for work I get to visit with them. So my sister, her husband and my mom all took a visit to Sugar Cupcakery.

Here's a sneak peak at the inside of their adorable cupcakery. I love the colors! The purple & brown color combo is one of my favorites (but I'm sure you already knew that). I really like how they added a 3rd color to the mix with the teal blue stripes on the wall. I was in love with the seating area, so simple, sleek and modern and very comfy too!

Check out these dangling chandeliers...what a fun decorative touch above the tables!

A corner table surrounded by windows so you can people watch and check out whats going on outside the store!

Unfortunately I didn't have much to photograph as far as actual cupcakes go. The store was open until 7PM and by the time I got off work and made it to the store it was already 6:15PM so yes, I was pretty disappointed to see that they had pretty much sold out of everything for the day. They only had 4 flavors left to choose from and only a handful of each of those flavors. I guess that's a good thing though to sell out of your cupcakes on a daily is booming for them since they aired on the Food Network. Typically they make 8 different flavors a's a look at their complete flavor menu.

The 4 flavors left to choose from were: Grapefruit, Carrot Cake, Coconut Lime and Gluten Free Vanilla. So we got 6 cupcakes (2 carrot, 2 gluten free, 1 coconut lime, 1 grapefruit) so we could sample each flavor.

The Sugar Cupcakery Logo on a napkin...cute!

and the packaging! If I had a cupcake shop I would probably choose something very similar to this packaging. I really like the idea of the brown chipboard boxes with a colored ribbon. The logo sticker adds a special touch to complete the box.

The wait is over...time to taste these cupcakes.

This is the gluten free vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing. I had never tried a gluten free cupcake before and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. The texture was a little more chewy than a traditional cupcake because it was made with a brown rice flour similar to the texture of cornmeal. The cake was very moist and the strawberry frosting was a great compliment.

I also sampled a bite of the carrot cake with a cashew buttercream, which was just ok in my book. There was something about the spices that they used that tasted a little out of the ordinary to the carrot cake recipes I have tried before.

The grapefruit cupcake was good, but I really couldn't taste the grapefruit flavor, it was more just a citrus taste that came across.

Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable cupcake experience. If you live close to Milford, OH I think you should plan a trip to Sugar Cupcakery. I would definitely go back again to sample some more flavors. I was really hoping to try their vegan chocolate cupcake, one of their signature flavors that they made on Cupcake Wars. Next time I'll have to plan for a weekend visit so I can get there early before everything is sold out!

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