Friday, July 16, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Hello Kitty

What better way to start the weekend than with a Hello Kitty themed birthday party! I made these cupcakes for a little girl's birthday party for tomorrow. I'm sitting here typing this post as I wait for a mother to come pick up the cupcakes for her little girl. I know nothing about the little girl who will be eating these cupcakes tomorrow...what her name is, how old she will be, what her favorite color is..but I guess the one thing I do know about her is she likes Hello Kitty. So I hope these cupcakes bring her smiles and happiness on her birthday!

I was emailed a picture of this party plate and asked that the cupcakes be iced with different colored frosting to match the plate and to use some colored sprinkles. Pretty simple request, right? I thought it would be fun to take the design one step further and feature Hello Kitty on some of the cupcakes...afterall it is a Hello Kitty party!

So using some white rolled fondant I created the little kitty faces and then piped on the details with some buttercream.

Maybe her daughter will come with her to pick up the cupcakes and I will get to see the reaction on her face when she sees pink cupcakes covered with rainbow sprinkles. I know this would make me very happy if I was a little girl!

Cupcakes were just picked up and I found out more info about the birthday girl...her name is Lily and she is turning 5 tomorrow! Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Lily, but her mom absolutely loved the cupcakes!

Happy 5th birthday Lily!

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