Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cruise Ship Desserts

So I just returned from a week long cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel. While on board the Carnival Elation I was so upset that I wouldn't be able to bake or blog for a week, that I figured the next best thing was to take pictures of some of the fantastic desserts we indulged in everyday!

This chocolate layer cake was the first sweet treat that was actually waiting for us as we arrived to our cabin. Jennifer, from our travel agency had ordered this cake for us, so sweet! It was a filled with layers of chocolate mousse. This cake was definitely a chocolate lovers dream!

Here's a slice of cheesecake with a side of whip cream and strawberry dipping sauce that we ordered from room service for dessert one night! This cheesecake was absolutely amazing! I actually ordered it a 2nd time on our last night on the ship after I had already eaten dessert in the main dining room...it was just that good I had to eat it one last time!

A slice of chocolate cake from room service! YUM YUM YUM!

This is the Chocolate Melting Cake which was hands down everyone's favorite dessert at our dining table. It is so popular that this was one of the desserts featured on the menu every single night. As you probably guessed, I ordered this one several times. Once you stick your spoon into the chocolate cake it just gushes with a moist and gooey center. Paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it is fabulous!

I can't remember the exact name of this dessert but it is some type of white chocolate bread pudding. Then a white chocolate sauce was added to make it extra special. This was one of my favorites. Randolph had actually ordered this as his dessert one night, but I ended up taking control of the fork and devoured it mostly for myself, it was just that good.

So as you can see, my sweet tooth was definitely satisfied and these were only the dinner desserts I ate every day. During lunch time I would also sneak several sweets from the dessert buffet, the chocolate chip cookies were amazing! On top of that, every afternoon around 3 o'clock I would go back to the buffet and get some chocolate & vanilla soft serve ice cream. It was definitely a nice, cold, refreshing treat after basking in the sun all day long!

Thanks Carnival Cruise for some awesome desserts all week long!


  1. You finally went on that cruise you were talking about! Yay! I've been trying to get The Hubs to book one ever since that day with you in Pensacola.

  2. cruises are a food lover's dream! all that food ~ sounds like you had a great time!


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