Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Day 21: Decorated Sugar Cookies

Happy Dec 21st! Today it's all about the decorated sugar cookies! I mean it isn't Christmas without getting to custom make some homemade sugar cookies with any decorations you desire...frosting, sprinkles, sugar crystals, all different kinds of shapes...the possibilities go on and on. When I decorate sugar cookies it reminds me of the movie Prancer. I used to watch this growing up and I have actually seen it already this month as well. Do you remember the scene in the movie where the little girl, Jessica lays out a trail of sugar cookies for Prancer to follow so she can get him in the shed to hide from her father. The sugar cookies are decorated with sprinkles and just glisten in the snow covered ground...that is one of my favorite parts of the whole movie, because those cookies just look so yummy!

So lets get started and make some sugar cookies...shall we? First you prepare the dough and roll it out. Now comes the fun part, cutting out the cookie shapes. I had a variety of snowflake and tree patterns.

Look at all these naked sugar cookies. I think they need some icing and sprinkles don't you?

Ta da! Cookies galore! All decorated in festive reds and greens and multi colored sprinkles and icings! My sister and her husband are going to love me for this one! They special requested that I bring home some sugar cookies for Christmas. I think they will be quite pleased with the variety they will have to choose from!

I used the Roll-Out Sugar Cookie recipe from Wilton.

So this is the end of the cookies I made at my house today....but wait there is more! Oh yes, I went to another sugar cookie decorating party tonight too. Check out the photos below!

We had a Coach's Cookie Decorating party for all the Team in Training marathon coaches tonight that was organized by our TNT staff member! How fun is this!

We decorated gingerbread, stockings, stars, trees, cupcakes...and there were even some custom cookies made with secret goodies concealed inside like M&M's, marshmallows and mints. Let's just say some were getting a little inventive with their cookie decorating skills. Check out these male and female gingerbread wearing bikinis!

Coach Katie and Coach Kelly...the decorating divas. Katie's hands were turning green from all the icing! Coach Kelly was the one coming up with all the crazy cookie shapes and hidden secrets inside!

Not only did we decorate cookies but we wrapped presents for a 5 year old little boy who is going through treatments for leukemia right now and for his siblings as well. That is Molly, our TNT staff person and Coach Paul in the picture above! What a great way to celebrate the season with close friends making cookies and helping out a family in need! I just love all my Team in Training friends!

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