Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sugar BakeShop - Charleston, SC

Randolph and I recently took a trip to Charleston, SC to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! Sadly after 4 days the trip had to come to an end but not before stopping by a local cupcake shop! Of course I did my research before leaving home and knew that Sugar Bakeshop was on the list of "to do's" while in Charleston. Located on Canon street in downtown, this is the sweet and charming little shop we pulled up to and I immediately jumped out of the car like a little kid anxious to go inside to cupcake heaven!

And of course I had to get a picture in front of the shop! You could say I'm a little obsessed with cupcake shops, or maybe you already knew that from this, this and this post.

Love the mural of the blueberry topped cupcakes on the side of their building! And how cute is this little popsicle cart?

As you walk inside you are greeted with cake pedestals filled with all their cupcake varieties. YUM! There were lots of delicious flavors to choose from but I finally was able to narrow it down to three.

I of course had to sample a red velvet cupcake. This is just one of my must try flavors anytime I check out a new cupcake shop. And I must say it didn't disappoint!

I loved this little rack with vintage accessories and rolls of bakers twine, and the unfinished wall texture was super cool too! What a charming shop!

Lots of bakery boxes with Sugar's logo on them! Love the name and the color!

More cupcakes and even jars of cookies! I want that green pedestal!

Love the simplicity of the chalkboard featuring their daily flavors.

I am missing this shop already. Maybe I can talk Randolph into going back again sometime soon!

Ahh yum, their vanilla bean cupcake with sugared blueberries on top! You bet I had one of these and it was AMAZING! I can't wait to make my own cupcakes with sugared berries now!

My 3 cupcakes boxed and ready to go! Randolph got a lemon curd cupcake and devoured it before we could even leave the store! I stole a bite of his too, and it was delish!

Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese...Chocolate w/ Chocolate...Vanilla w/ Vanilla & Sugared Blueberries

I took my cupcakes to go because we had just eaten lunch at Groucho's (I highly recommend the Apollo Dipper with the Formula 45 sauce) one of our favorite Charleston sandwich shops and I thought I was too full to eat dessert. Well five minutes down the road and all 3 of these babies were half way gone...I knew I still had some room for Sugar! Thank you Sugar Bakeshop for making my trip to Charleston sweet! I will definitely be back again some day!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Five years...that's a big one. :) I am definitely going to have to try out Sugar next time we go to Charleston. We don't get down there too often, but it sure is a great city. I'm loving the sugared berry idea, too. Pretty & yummy cupcake toppers!

  2. Looks like a GREAT trip, especially when there are cupcakes involved! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary and oh my goodness! We were in Charleston about the same time. We just came back. It's such a great city. I've never been to Sugar but I'll have to remember to stop in next time we are there. It looks amazing!


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