Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

This past weekend I was buzzing around like a busy bee in my kitchen. My good friend Kelly who I have mentioned here on CIS before was hosting a baby shower, instead of being the guest of honor herself as you may remember here. The theme was bumble bees, adorable! I had never decorated anything with the bee theme before so immediately I started envisioning yellow & black, polka dots and of course little bees everywhere. Kelly requested cupcakes and cake balls/pops and then some sugar cookie onesies and baby bottles for the favors.

Drawing inspiration from polka dot ribbon and cupcake liners I added some dots to the yellow onesie cookies. My first instinct was to decorate the cookies with black stripes so they would more closely resemble a bee, but after trying this on one cookie it quickly reminded me too much of Charlie Brown...so I scratched that idea and proceeded with polka dots.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures of the bumble bee sweets...I got a little carried away BEE cause everything was so cute! I have some exciting news at the bottom of the post too that I can't wait to share with you!

The bee cupcake toppers were made from yellow fondant rolled into an oval with two slivered almonds poked into the sides. The stripes and eyes were piped on using black royal icing. I used a round tip 1A to pipe on 4 swirls of icing to resemble a bee hive.

Bumble bee cake pops inspired by Bakerella.

Now for the EXCITING NEWS!!!

I am going to be a monthly blog contributor to Half Baked. If you have never heard of Half Baked before and you are as big of a cake lover as me...well I don't know where you have been! Half Baked is seriously my go to blog for cake inspiration! It is filled with some of the most gorgeous and unique cakes I have ever seen. Carrie, the founder and editor of Half Baked is a cake designer herself and also features some of the most talented cake vendors in the industry. Whether a cake for a birthday, shower or wedding, no matter the occasion I am always blown away by the creative cakes and decorating techniques seen on Half Baked! This blog is truly one of my all time favorites, and one I have been following for almost two years now. I am so honored that Carrie has chosen me to be part of her blog. My new gig will involve creating monthly cupcake recipes and photos to share with all her readers, and I can't wait! I am looking forward to sharing my first cupcake flavor later this month, so stayed tuned!

Have a great week!


  1. I'm in love with this party!! :-)

  2. Very adorable. What an imagination you have. Great job.

  3. i am so indulging myself on this delicious post of yours!!!! ;)<3!!!

  4. So adorable Lauren! I love the Bee theme... I've been considering it for Sadie's 1st birthday this fall!

    We're excited and looking forward to your first post as well!

  5. What gorgeous little creations! I love the bee theme and all of the matching sweets. The cake pops are particularly cute!

  6. I am totally in love with this bumble bee theme! The bumble bee cupcakes are so adorable! Check out my blog if you are interested (or bored..) lol


  7. Lauren, I LOVE the all the bumblebees! Gorgeous work!
    So excited for you to be featured on Half Baked, that will be awesome. I love that site. Definitely looking forward to reading your posts!

  8. I absolutely love your creativity on this Bumble Bee Themed Baby Shower! So glad I found your site.


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