Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachelorette Cookies

What do you get when you have a bachelorette party at the beach...yellow polka dot bikini cookies of course, and some pink ones too! I had first seen the idea for the itsy bitsie teenie weenie cookies at Bake at 350 last summer and thought they were adorable. These cookies were a yummy addition to my beach weekend with friends to celebrate the bride to be Katie! We spent a few days at Orange Beach, AL soaking up the sun during the day and singing and dancing at night! Good times were had by all the ladies, including wearing some flirty feathered masks to hide our identities, prancing around with a horse on a stick (don't even ask, long story...but it did get Katie and her 2 sistas on stage with the band!), and finishing off the night with a game of "run, jump, funny landing" which was a favorite game of the bride and her 2 sisters growing up! It was just an awesome weekend with wonderful friends!

And there was also a little lingerie shower thrown in you know what that means...more cookies

These cookies were made all in good fun and I wanted to keep them tasteful. A friend had sent me a link to some lingerie cookies before titled "when men bake" and I thought they were hilarious. Never did I really think I would actually be making them. But when I knew we were having a lingerie shower I thought it would be the perfect occasion to use my heart shape cookie cutter for another purpose! I found the inspiration for the cookies I made here. Everyone got a kick out of these bra and panties cookies!

Only a few more weeks until Katie's wedding day and I'm in charge of the cake and dessert table! The vision is for a clean, elegant and white dessert table inspired by Amy Atlas and the wildly popular rose cake from i am baker. Can't wait to share pictures of her wedding day sweets with you soon!

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  1. They were amazing Lauren!!! Thank you so much for being part of my fun weekend! I can't wait for the wedding and the yummy dessert table!!!!!!!


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