Saturday, January 29, 2011

Constructing Elmo, Cookie Style!

What you see here are the decorating essentials to make the cutest Elmo cookie you will ever see! Your kids will love you forever if you make these cookies for them. Or better yet, grab the kids and let them help!

Elmo Cookie Supplies:
-scalloped/daisy flower cookie cutter
-red sprinkles
-orange peanut M&Ms
-brown Reese Pieces
-1 batch Sugar Cookies & royal icing (this recipe will make 30 Elmo cookies)

-Bake a batch of cookies and let them cool before decorating.
-Make a batch of royal icing. Tint about 1/4 cup black and the remaining icing red.
-Thin down 1/4 of the batch of red royal icing with water to create the "piping consistency". You want the icing to be stiff enough to hold the outline around the cookie, but soft enough to squeeze out of the piping bag without having to apply too much pressure. (Do the same with the black royal icing)
-Thin down the remaining 3/4 of the icing with even more water to create the "flooding consistency". My rule for making "flooding" icing is to add water a teaspoon at a time and stirring. Keep adding water and stirring, while lifting up the spatula you are mixing with out of the icing and allowing some of the icing to fall back onto itself in the bowl. When the icing falls back into the bowl and completely disappears in the mixture of icing in the count of 10 seconds your icing is thin enough to flood.

Using a piping bag and tip # 2 or 3, with the "piping consistency" icing trace around the edge of the cookie. Go around all scallops except for the top two, and just draw a line across the top to close off the scalloped portion. Allow the piped icing to dry about 30-60 minutes before flooding.

Using the "flooding consistency" icing fill a plastic bottle and squeeze in a zig zag motion inside of the piped icing. The icing will start to flood and fill in. I normally do this for about 6 cookies at a time and then go back through and fill in any spaces remaining to completely flood the cookie.

Here is what your completely flooded cookie will look like.

Immediately add red sugar sprinkles to the flooded icing before it dries. Can you see Elmo coming to life now?

Ok how about now? He needs some eyes right? Take a large marshmallow and cut it in half. Using the royal icing in the piping bag squeeze a dab on each half of the marshmallow in the center and then apply a brown Reese Pieces to each. Now Elmo has eyes!

Squeeze a dab of royal icing on the top two scallops of the cookie that do not already have icing on them and place the marshmallow eyes in place.

Grab an orange peanut M&M and place on the cookie in between the marshmallow eyes using a dab of royal icing to secure on top.

Take the black royal icing, place in a piping bag with tip #2 and draw a mouth on Elmo. Easy enough, right?

Allow cookies to dry 24 hours before packaging or shipping.

In a few hours two of my favorite little munchkins will be gobbling up these cookies to celebrate their birthdays! I made these Elmo cookies for my friend Katie and shipped them for her kids bday party! Her girl Kaylee is turning 3 and her son Collier is turning 1. Can't wait to see pictures of these little cookie monsters enjoying their Elmo cookies!


  1. great tutorial! :) Your elmo is so cute and so creative!

  2. yeah, elmo ruuules!!! :) your elmocookies are fun - i tried some for the 1st time last year as a present for a colleague. and last week we celebrated elmo's birthday with some cuppies ... ;)
    sweet greets from hamburg, germany!

  3. aw! again very cute. you have such a lovely blog!

  4. Hi, Lauren!

    Ran into your blog via and just luv this idea --- and so simple! I simply must try...


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