Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone has had a wonderful day so far sharing it with the ones they LOVE! I started off the day running a half marathon in Birmingham with my Team in Training friends! Now I'm back in Mobile and my husband had all kinds of Valentine treats waiting for me when I got home...a dozen roses, assorted candies and a sweet card! Now he's fixing me a yummy dinner of shish kabobs (our favorite!!!!) twice baked potatoes and asparagus, yum yum yum! So while he's slaving away on dinner I figured I would update my blog with the Valentine's goodies I left hidden in the house for him while I was gone...I also took these to the team I coached in the half marathon today!

It seems like the most common Valentine's gift is a heart shaped box of I right? So using that idea as my theme I wanted to create my own spinoff of the favorite Valentine's day sweets! I have made cake pops before for baby & wedding showers so I decided why not make them again but this time just leave off the lollipop stick and decorate them with fancy sprinkles and icing swirls so they look like festive bite size candies!

The white chocolate balls are filled with red velvet cake and cream cheese. You can get the recipe here and the technique for making the cake balls here from a fabulous blogger Bakerella. The chocolate balls and chocolate round disk shapes are brownie bites and then decorated with royal icing.

I can't wait to take a bite out of one of these!

In addition to the cake & brownie dipped chocolates I also made a batch of heart sugar cookies with "13.1" piped on them since today was our half marathon race! I knew all the runners would love these cookies. For the recipe click here.

And remember those cute little aluminum Valentine's cans I made a few days ago...well guess what I decided to use them version of the "Valentine Box of Chocolates".

I placed a plastic treat bag inside and then filled them up with the red velvet cake balls and brownie bites! I really love this DIY packaging idea and think it turned out super cute and festive for Valentine's day!

I then placed the cookies in individual baggies and tied with a ribbon and personalized message tag and then placed on top of my Valentine chocolate tins!

Are you jealous you didn't receive one of these super cute Valentine's? Well hopefully you received your own super yummy and thoughtful Valentine gift from that special someone today!

Here are a few pics from our Mobile, AL Team in Training group that ran the Valentine's Mercedes Half Marathon today! Front Row: Me (in pink with heart headband) & the other coach Kelly, Back Row: Bobbie, Susan, Stephanie & Katie! Way to go ladies! You all did an awesome job today!

Me and Coach VV! She LOVES to dress in costumes in all her races!

VV and Alicia (the tu tu costume seamstress) and Paul aka Cupid!

We all had so much fun running today and I have to say the highlight of the race was when two little boys were handing out Krispy Kreme doughnuts at mile 11.5....oh yeah, I definitely grabbed one and enjoyed every single bite of it! I mean come on, it is Valentine's Day people and I had already run 11.5 miles...I was hungry and someone wants to hand me one of my favorite you really think I was going to pass up such a SWEET treat on Valentine's Day???? I don't think so! It was delicious!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I am very jealous I didn't receive this super cute Valentine from you, but Rob took care of me! He bought me a massage at Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa. Can't wait to use it! :)

  2. Aw too cute! Love all the stuff you baked for valentines day :).

  3. AMAZING!!! Totally beautiful... you are so talented!! And fit! :)


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