Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Super Bowl Footballs

GO SAINTS...Superbowl Champs! Well it looks like we were cheering for the right team tonight at the Super Bowl party we had at my house! How exciting to see the New Orleans Saints win the championship on their very first trip to the Super Bowl! I wanted to make some cute football themed cupcakes since we had some friends over for the game. How adorable are these green grass cupcakes with a football sitting on top!

I got the idea for the footballs from Bakerella's website...they are actually oreo truffles check them out here.

First you grind up Oreo's in the food processor.

Once they are fine crumbs you mix them with a block of cream cheese so they will mold together.

Then form them into football shapes. I was absolutely horrible at making the shapes, so who better to recruit for the "football" job than my husband. I think he did pretty good, huh?

Then dip the Oreo footballs into melted chocolate bark.

Allow the chocolate coating to set.

While the chocolate was setting I piped on the green grass icing using the Wilton tip #233, this gives it the spike-like grass blade look.

Then using a mixture of powdered sugar and milk I created the white icing for piping on the football stitching.

Place the footballs on top of the grass.

Here's our dessert table! As you can see we were Saints fans all the way! Hooray for the win!

I found the cutest napkins and plates...Saints napkins from Walmart and the football plates from Target. Since it is also Mardi Gras season in Mobile and New Orleans what better way to celebrate with some purple, green & yellow beads for our table decorations. My husband brought home a whole bag of them from one of the parades last night. Also, if you look closely in the back of this picture, you will see a sneak peak at my next post...a king cake. You are going to want to stop back by and check this out later in the week! This is one of my all-time favorite sweets indulgences.

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  1. Your cupcakes are adorable!

    I will have to try the truffles. My husband loves oreos (and football). Also, I think the grass tip is one of my favorite tips. I use it all the time, it is just too cute.


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