Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Cards - In the Mail

Today is an exciting's 12.12.12 how cool is that? Even cooler, is that I finally got my Christmas Cards addressed and in the mail...well at least the majority of them! I just had to share a sneak peak at the final Minted card we picked for Sam's first Christmas! In case you missed the cards that were in the running feel free to check them out here.

Something that's not so cool, is the fact that it is Dec 12...yes this month is almost half way over and I have yet to do any holiday baking! How this is even possible I do not know...oh wait yes I do...I have an 8.5 month old son that is constantly on the go! He is crawling, pulling up on the coffee table, getting into the kitchen cabinets, playing with the DVD player and repeatedly pulling ornaments off of our Christmas tree! So needless to say my flour and sugar are still in the pantry and the oven has not been used! I have big plans still to pull off some hopefully super cute sweats within the next few weeks that I can't wait to share with you all soon! One project involves Sam helping me out in the's going to be super cute!

Ok, now that my "no baking" tangent is over...I must just take a minute to rave about how much I am in LOVE with our Christmas Cards this year! Not only do they feature our absolutely adorable little boy, but I am so pleased with the quality of cards we received from Minted! Our cards arrived super fast, just 3 days after placing the order! The cards themselves were shrink wrapped and bundled with a green (my favorite color) extra special touch and something I wasn't expecting! We decided to go with both a front and back printed card this year! I loved the strand of lights on the front of the card, and when I realized their was an option to have the entire back covered in lights...well of course I said yes! I also decided to get some skinny wrap address labels. It sure does save some time hand writing your return address on 100 cards and it ads an extra festive touch to the cards as well with the "Merry Christmas" on the back. I hope our cards bring a little joy to our family and friends when they receive them in the mail in a few days!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. so cute!! your son is adorable! i have a 4 month old son! ^__^


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