Monday, September 5, 2011

Waddle it Be? - Gender Reveal Party

This weekend I finally got to reveal a secret I had the privilege of keeping for two weeks now! Another one of my friends is pregnant and asked me to do the honor of making the special cake that would reveal if she was having a boy or girl! Gender reveal parties are definitely a new trend I have seen over the last year as a fun way to get friends and family together and share in the excitement of a baby that is on the way! You may remember last year I got to bake two cakes for a twins gender reveal party!

Jennifer texted me at 15 weeks pregnant saying "I have an envelope in my purse for you that contains the gender of our baby". The next day I drove over to her house, received the secret envelope with the ultrasound and we started planning her gender reveal party! She had come across the theme "Waddle it Be?" from a blog and we both thought that idea was super cute and one that was very unique!

Jennifer's vision for the party was to keep things very neutral in color with yellow and white being the primary focus and adding pops of green! Of course there had to be a dessert table!

I absolutely love what she came up with for the polka dot baby garland backdrop and the dessert table.

She made all of the gorgeous flower arrangements and even hand cut the felt flower embellishments on the vases and wrapped them in twine.

Before it was time to cut the cake and reveal the gender of the baby, guests could munch on lemon squares...

bags of popcorn...

and cake balls that had been tinted both blue and pink inside to keep everyone in suspense.

The secret cake...will it be blue or will it be pink inside?

I have seen so many cute cakes lately with "cake bunting" on top and thought that would be a super cute and simple way to decorate the cake for the big reveal.

Guests were also invited to place their best guess and best wishes in a jar before the big reveal!

Here's the glowing mama to be Jennifer with our friend Andrea, who also helped with a lot of the party decorations and food.

Here's Jennifer and me just before it was time to cut the cake.

The proud parents...Brian and Jennifer! Oh and by the way Brian already knows the gender...apparently he peaked at the ultrasound!

Time to cut the cake....Jennifer was convinced it was a boy!

Love that look of excitement on her face...

Such a happy and SHOCKED mama! It's a GIRL!

There was so much excitement and screaming when the piece of cake was revealed! There are currently 9 boys and only 1 girl grandchild on Jennifer's side of the family so everyone was so excited to know another little girl was on the way!

Jennifer sharing a hug with her mom!

The happy parents!

The ultrasound is finally revealed to Jennifer!

All the guests at the party were encouraged to dress in their best or pink. Blue was definitely the majority vote...but they were so very wrong!

Here's the pink group....smaller but smarter!

Congratulations Brian & Jennifer I am so happy for you both and so honored that you allowed me to know the sex of your baby before you! You are going to be amazing parents!


  1. Absolutely adorable! LOVE the theme! I'm currently trying to make "baby boy" cakeballs for a baby shower, and wish you lived closer to help! :) Great job, as always!!

  2. What a great gender reveal party! I love the cake and all of the details. I've heard that a cake reveal from a close friend is the newest (and best) way to learn the special news!

  3. I've only just heard about these - what fun! I found myself anticipating the reveal as I scrolled through your post :)

  4. Looks like such a happy occasion! Lovely job you did with the party styling...darling white, yellow, and green color scheme!

  5. I really enjoyed your write up. I was reading the post as a cake fan, and found myself caught up in the anticipation of such a cute story. Love the photos as well, a lot of love & excitement on those faces. Very nice to have unexpected Monday morning smiles!


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