Friday, September 23, 2011

Superman Cookies

Happy Friday and Happy 1st Day of Fall! Today I'm sharing some SUPER cookies with you...inspired by Superman! A friend contacted me to make some cookies for her son's 1st birthday! The party theme was superheros with the birthday boy being Superman! Instead of the "S" for Superman in the center of each cookie she wanted a "C" for "Chase" the bday boy!

Introducing "Super Chase" cookies! I thought that was such a cute way to capture a theme that everyone would recognize but then personalize the cookies for the sweet birthday boy!

All the guests at the party were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite super hero! I saw the pictures and they were super cute! The mom, dad and birthday boy all dressed up as Superman with capes! I think the birthday boy had one SUPER 1st birthday!

Have a great weekend! On the baking agenda today...a pumpkin streusel cake! Welcome Fall!

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