Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Arrival

What could be cuter than a batch of onesie, chick, bootie and bib sugar cookies...the newborn baby itself right? Well that is exactly what happened yesterday. The shower was held for my friend Andrea's sister, Allison in the early afternoon. Right afterward Allison was rushed to the hospital anticipating the early arrival of her little boy Preston. A few short hours later Preston had arrived almost 4 weeks early! Mom & baby are doing just fine though and I've already seen a picture and he is absolutely precious! Talk about a special delivery on the day of your baby shower!

Decorating baby shower cookies are always so much fun. Andrea sent me the link to the baby shower invite and I used the colors of pale blue, green and yellow for inspiration when coming up with the cookie designs. The invitation had a clothesline of onesies, bibs and booties and then a sweet little chick so I knew I wanted to translate each of those baby items into cookies.

I thought it would be a cute idea to include a few monogram "P" cookies as well using a scalloped cookie cutter.

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe. The only change I made was substituting the vanilla and almond extracts with vanilla bean paste instead...YUM! I love those little black bits of vanilla bean that you can see in the cookie.

The little chicks were my favorite cookies to decorate. The invite had them with colored wings so I decided to mimic that in the cookie decorating, and I love how the blue and green add a pop of color to the yellow body.

Congratulations to the proud parents Allison and Bob to their newest addition little Preston!


  1. Thank you so much for making the cute cookies for our shower. Who would have thought they would make their way to the hospital and Preston would see them with his very own eyes. Everyone loved the cookies! Thanks again! Allison and Bob

  2. These are SOOO cute and making me want something sweet!! The onesies are my favorite and I love the pastel colors! Great job!

  3. I love the little chicks and the tiny bootie cookies. So original with the details! Did you mail these? If so, how? (:

  4. Paddle Attachment - Yes I did mail the cookies. I placed them in bags tied with ribbon and then wrapped them up with tissue paper and placed them in a box. I used packing peanuts to give them extra cushion. Also I make sure the post office stamps "Fragile" all over the box prior to sending!

  5. These cookies are soooo precious!! I love the onsies and the color combos. Great work!


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