Monday, November 22, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Scrabble...Thanksgiving Edition

Only 3 more days until Turkey you have all your desserts lined up? If you are looking for a fun and playful dessert idea, I've got the perfect solution...Scrabble themed cupcakes using Thanksgiving words! This past weekend we had a game night with friends, and since I'm always the designated dessert person I thought it would be fun to make, well cupcakes of course, but with a "game" theme in mind! I just love the way these cupcakes turned out and everyone raved about them! These cupcakes were a conversation piece for the evening as everyone kept walking over debating which letter they were going to take next. Some took letters for their initials and some simply enjoyed coming over and rearranging the existing letters to create new words. Either way, it was a fun way to mingle and enjoy some cupcakes at the same time.

The making of a Scrabble cupcake board...since I wanted to have my cupcakes already displayed upon arriving at the party I had to plan out the words I wanted to use based on the number of cupcakes I had made. I had 36 mini cupcakes so I started jotting down words like


Then came the hard part, trying to get the words to fit properly together by intersecting and borrowing letters from other words like a typical Scrabble game. After about a dozen pieces of scrap paper and drawing out my game board I finally came up with the perfect word display.

How cute is this Thanksgiving Scrabble board! I'm already envisioning one for Christmas too!

Really this idea could be used two different ways during your Thanksgiving feast.

1. You can have your cupcakes & words already planned out and displayed when guests arrive for them to ooohh and aaahhh at your Thanksgiving dessert centerpiece!


2.You can have a batch of cupcakes already iced and decorated with letters but all mixed up. Then your guests can go to town creating their very own Thanksgiving themed Scrabble board. This would be the perfect way to kill time while you are waiting for the bird to finish cooking.

To make the letters all you need is some white rolled fondant cut into squares. Then simply write letters on top of the fondant using some colored icing! Place the fondant letters on top of your frosted cupcakes and viola, you have some homemade Scrabble pieces!

So if you are thinking about creating a Scrabble board for your Thanksgiving party, get started now. Make a list of words you want to use, plan out how they will all intersect with each other to create the perfect Thanksgiving game board, and go ahead and make all your fondant letters and leave them out to dry. Make your batch of cupcakes on Wednesday and then when Thursday rolls around assemble the game board.

If you want to be a little less stressed about creating this game, then just create the letters and don't worry about what words will be created...just make multiple game pieces for each letter of the alphabet and leave the creativity up to your party guests to come up with a unique game board during your gathering!

I hope you've enjoyed this Thanksgiving edition of "cupcake a week" and are inspired to create your own game board! If you do make a Scrabble cupcake board, please come back after turkey day and let me know what your guests thought!

Wishing you all a day full of pumpkin, stuffing, family, friends and all the turkey your tummy desires!


  1. What a fabulous idea! We're not celebrating thanksgiving, but this idea could be used for all sorts of special occassions.

  2. oh my goodness this is such a creative idea! I'm sure it was a definite hit at the party! Happy Thanksgiving!


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