Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've been Featured!

Today was an exciting day...I was featured on LilSugar under their "What's it going to Bee" article talking about gender reveal baby parties! I couldn't believe it...somebody wanted to feature my little old blog! Rebecca Gruber, the Associate Editor emailed me yesterday asking permission to use one of my photos for her article....of course I said YES! I had never heard of the site LilSugar before. Wow, what an incredible site that provides so much fun information for moms & kids. And I love the name...anything with "sugar" in it sounds good to me!

Maybe you all remember last month that I did a post called The Big Reveal. It was about my friend Kelly who is currently pregnant with twins! She wanted to have a party and reveal the sex of the babies inside of cakes with the layers being colored pink for girl or blue for boy. Well she asked me to be her cake lady for the event and I accepted!

To keep the colors gender neutral before the big reveal we decided on a teal and red color scheme with polka dots...the cakes turned out so cute!

Here's a clip from the LilSugar site with my cakes...they are the ones that are red & blue polka dots with a picture of Kelly below showing a slice of cake! If you haven't seen this post on my blog check it out here to find the sex of both the babies!

If you want to read the entire article and see the other fun cakes featured on LilSugar check it out here.

Thanks LilSugar for featuring the Twins Cakes!


  1. Hooray! Well-deserved press, for sure. Your cakes are adorable!

  2. Those look AMAZING! I've read through some of your post and I am intersted in TNT...I love to run and live in Mobile also! Can you email me soem info on it.
    Thank you!


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