Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baptism Cookies

Cakes, cupcakes & cookies...oh my! This is what was being baked, decorated and devoured in my kitchen last week! Let's just say it was one CRAZY week but I enjoyed every single minute of it! Being able to use my creativity in the kitchen and to share my love of baking with others is something that makes me extremely happy!

I had 3 cakes to make for 3 very different occasions, decorated sugar cookies for a baptism and several batches of cupcakes to make for a special project! (I can't wait to share the cupcakes with you...they are SOOOOO YUMMY and here's the best part...I'm entering my recipe into a contest, so I'll share them soon! I'll give you one hint though...it has to do with Philadelphia cream cheese and Paula Deen...anyone know of this super fun contest I'm talking about?)

So let's just say I've been up to my eyeballs in powdered sugar lately! I've got lots of goodies to share with you so I figured I'd start off with these super cute cookies!

My friend Katie from KY emailed me last week asking if I had time to make some decorated sugar cookies for her kid's Kaylee and Collier's baptism over the weekend! Of course my answer was Y-E-S!

I think Katie loves sugar just as much as I do! I have some fond memories of Katie in high school and her sugar encounters. Let's just say in the lunch line, she would always pass up the healthy and nutritious side items and go for not 1 but 2 slices of strawberry cake! Or when we would leave the cafeteria and walk down the street for lunch she would always end her meal with a sugar cookie loaded with lots of icing and sprinkles...the more icing the better! And then there is the craziest thinkg I have ever seen...adding 12 packets of sugar to a glass of Coke...WOW! Katie would always come visit me at the restaurant I worked at, I would give her a coke to drink while she waited for me to get off work and I would sit there and watch her open packet after packet of sugar and pour in her glass...talk about adding some extra fizz!

So when Katie asked for sugar cookies I had to deliver! She let me have the freedom to come up with a design I felt would be appropriate for this special occasion! I decided since I was going to be making cookies for both a boy and girl it would be fun to include blue & pink into the color scheme and do some monogramed cookies!

I also did some crosses with blue & pink polka dots that I think turned out super cute!

I packaged the cookies in individual bags and tied them with blue & pink ribbons and they were off to KY for the Sunday baptism! Later that day I got the sweetest message from little Kaylee thanking me for her cookies! Katie, her mom was in the background coaching her on what to say over the phone...so cute!


  1. Those cookies are adorable! Perfect for a baptism.

  2. I LOVE these cross cookies! I am planning a baptism in July and I will be making these for sure - too cute!

  3. Aw wow these are such pretty cookies, youve iced them perfectly!

  4. These are beautiful! what kind of icing did you use to decorate them? I would love to give them a shot!


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