Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Spring - Daisy Cake

Happy Spring! I am loving this change of season with the flowers blooming and the warmer weather. We have been lucky enough to already have a few days with the temps in the 70s, gotta love living in the south! I'm thinking a few more weekends and I'll be heading to the beach...anyone jealous?

I wanted to show you all a spring themed cake I decorated this week. I just finished taking the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste cake decorating class. For the last class we had to decorate a cake completely covered in fondant and had to include some fondant and gum paste flowers as well, but the design of the cake was open to our own creativity.

In class we learned how to make a daisy flower using gum paste. I just love this flower, it is so simple and can be colored in any color imaginable to go with your cake theme.

I wanted to make daisies in some vibrant orange, pink and purple shades to make them really stand out on my cake. To allow the flowers to dry and keep their shape at the same time I used an egg carton to store them in. The holes were perfect for the shapes of the flowers and kept them cupped together so they would look like they were still in bloom when added to the cake.

Then to give the cake a more modern look I wanted to add two shades of green fondant to suggest the feel of flower stems, but instead have them look more like stripes on the cake. I am really pleased with how well all the colors turned out and how nicely the green shades compliment the bright flowers. This cake just screams SPRING!

I also love polka dots on cakes and think the combination of stripes and dots is so much fun! By taking two different size circle cutters I was able to create mutli-colored polka dot inlays for the cake.

I have used fondant before on cakes, but only for decorative pieces, never completely covered in fondant. I really like how smooth and clean the cake turned out. Playing with fondant is's like play dough for adults...and I'm definitely looking forward to many more fondant covered cakes!

I think this cake would be perfect as the featured sweet on your spring or Easter dessert tables! Hopefully you can find some inspiration from this daisy cake in your upcoming spring sweets!

Happy Spring!


  1. Wow! That is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. After seeing what you have accomplished with this class, I am definitely signing up to take one. You have inspired me to bake again! Your cake is beautiful and definitely makes me happy about Spring!

  3. FABULOUS! I love your color choices. Don't let Mom eat all of it before we arrive next week. :)

  4. Great job! LOVE all the colors and your first fondant cake is waaaaay better than mine was. But I didn't take the class, so maybe that explains the horrible-looking thing that came out of my kitchen that day....ahhhh, memories.

  5. This is so pretty! I love all the bright colors!

  6. So sooo beautiful!! I love everything about this fantastic cake!

  7. Aw such a pretty cake :) lovely!

  8. Gorgeous cake! I love the colors and great trick with the egg carton!

  9. Lauren! That is awesome! You are so stinkin talented!

  10. Wow, that is gorgeous. I love all of it; the color combo, the stripes, polka dots and flowers. Seriously, GREAT job!

  11. OMG That is one Beautiful Spring Cake!


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