Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Basketballs for March Madness

Well it's time for another cupcake idea! Since March Madness is in full swing right now with the Sweet Sixteen games beginning tonight I figured it would be appropriate to share a basketball themed cupcake! I'll be honest with you, these aren't the greatest creation I have ever made. I had big dreams for these cupcakes. I had seen some really cute fondant decorated basketball cupcakes with the rubber looking feel of the ball...they looked so realistic, and also some star tipped decorated ones that resembled the ball texture...but I have do admit, it was getting late last night and I took the easy way out and just iced them using an offset spatula and painted on some black icing still get the idea of a basketball right?
I even had visions of making cute cupcake toppers with each of the Sweet 16 basketball team logos on them and displaying them all nice and cute...dang time just seemed to slip away from me this week! I guess there will always been next yeat to try and pull some fancier bball cupcakes together! But if any of you are going to be having a party for the Final Four tournament there is still time to get together some cute cupcake toppers, and by then you won't have to make as many for the different team logos either..brilliant!

I've got some super cute spring and Easter themed sweets I've been working on so be sure to check back soon!

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