Friday, January 1, 2010

New Stuff for the New Year!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already 2010, where did 2009 go? This past year was filled with some great memories and experiences that I will never forget, and I hope 2010 will be even better! One of the things I am most excited about from 2009 was starting my baking blog....I can't believe I didn't explore the world of blogging sooner! I have had so much fun the last 5 months baking and sharing recipes and photos with you all and I am definitely ready to turn it up a notch in 2010! For Christmas all I wanted was to get some fun baking goodies from my family...and I think I definitely racked up in the baking department. Check out all these fun aprons, cake pedestals, cake books and gadgets I got above...THANK YOU to my wonderful family I love absolutely all of my new baking collection!

Check out this fun stash of stuff I got from my husband, Randolph! On our drive home to KY for Christmas we stopped in Nashville and I got to visit a cupcake shop called, The Painted Cupcake. The shop had only been open since the summer and it was decorated so cute, had fabulous cupcakes, and adorable aprons. How cute is this pink floral and green & white polka dot skirt apron? I am so EXCITED about these new cake decorating books he got me too...I hope to explore the world of more elaborate cake decorating and sculpting in the new year and these two books are full of all kinds of unique cake ideas. And of course you can't forget about my cupcake obsession...I love this cupcake pot holder and the fun silly feet cupcake holders!

I absolutely LOVE this aprons! Sorry ladies, you won't find these in any retail store, these were handmade by my stepmom, Ruth....she can work wonders with the sewing machine! The pink and floral apron on the left, I knew I was getting because I picked out the fabric and the apron pattern. It turned out even cuter than I imagined. The cupcake apron on the right however, was a complete surprise! I had never seen any cupcake patterns before in the fabric stores but Ruth was able to find this extremely cute print and combined it with a solid chocolate brown fabric...I'm in LOVE! I tried the apron on as soon as I unwrapped it and didn't want to take it off, I felt like I needed to go straight to the kitchen and make a batch of cupcakes!

And the cupcake maddness continues with some cute finds from my sister, Emily. She got me a set of cupcake shaped cookie cutters and a cupcake metal cake tester from Crate and Barrel. And to go with the cookie cutters, a fun Christmas cookie decorating book. Look at those adorable snowflake ceramic prep bowls from Target...they always have the cutest seasonal items in their stores! Thanks sis!

And finally, I got some fun cake pedestals from my mom! Both pedestals were found from Target...the red one in the store and then the yellow & white polka dot one had to be ordered is Pauala Deen brand. I am already envisioning so many uses for both of these. The red one can be used for Valentines day (only a few months away), a 4th of July Celebration or Christmas and the yellow & white polka dot one would be so cute for a baby shower or an Easter celebration. Thanks MOM!

So as I start out the NEW YEAR with all of my NEW BAKING STUFF I want to make you all aware of some of the "NEW ACCOMPLISHMENTS" I want commit to and follow through with in 2010. Instead of making resolutions like most of us do and are good at keeping for about a week like working out everyday, not eating french fries, losing weight, no sugar (that would never happen in my world)...ya da ya da ya da...the list could go on and on. I always try to make a "to do" list of things that I want to accomplish each year. That way I know I have a goal in mind and something to look forward to, and once I complete the task there is a sense of accomplishment and it is very rewarding!

So for 2010 here are my "list of accomplishments" that pertain to my blog and baking adventures:

1.Create a more eye catching blog design! I have been brainstorming on some colors and ideas so hopefully within the next few months you will see a face lift on my blog!

2.Take a fondant & gumpaste decorating class

3.Read baking and cake decorating books and start creating my own "from scratch" cake recipes!

4.Learn to sculpt and decorate multi layered themed cakes for parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.

5.Create a "Cupcake a Week" post. You know what that means...52 weeks in a year, means 52 fun cupcake recipes or ideas. How fun is that? Any flavor ideas start sending them my way!

6.Increase the readership and followers on my blog.

7.Have "giveaways" on my blog! Some of the other blogs I follow have giveaways every now and then where one lucky reader will get a cook book, baking supplies, a giftcard, etc. and I think this is a super fun idea. But before I start doing giveaways I need to increase my if you all like my blog start posting comments and hopefully soon I will be able to provide you all with a fun contest!

8.Get a new camera, that will take more professional, better quality, higher resolution photos. This will make all of my baked goods look like they are right out of a magazine! I see a new camera in my very near future, as I have been saving my pennies for a few months now!

So you get the idea! I hope you will continue to follow my baking adventures and see what the new year brings to my blog!

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  1. I LOVE all the cupcake stuff...and I am addicted to cute aprons! You got enough stuff to keep you busy baking for a while!

    Good luck on your goals...I did something almost the same on my blog with my cooking/baking goals.


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