Friday, January 15, 2010

Cupcake a Week: Mickey Mouse

This week's Cupcake a Week is a "Mickey Mouse" theme. I was in Disney World all last weekend coaching the Alabama Team in Training participants in the half and full marathons! I just so happened to go to Florida on one of the COLDEST weekends ever! The normal temperature this time of year in Orlando is in the low was in the high 20s in the mornings and got to the mid 40s later in the day while I was there.......bbbbbbrrrrr! I got to experience SNOW, yes you are reading this right, SNOW in Florida which was the first time in 30 years! It wasn't a lot of snow, but more just a combination of flurries, sleet and rain as we started off the half marathon on Saturday morning...either way it was frigid and wet! Cold and all, it was a great weekend and one that I will never forget. I got to meet new friends, run lot of miles (13.1 miles on Saturday and 26.2 miles on Sunday) and be a kid again roaming through all the Disney amusement parks getting my picture taken with the Disney Characters! I figured what better way to come home and celebrate a great weekend than with some Mickey Mouse cupcakes!

These cupcakes are super easy to make and would be great for a Disney themed kid's party! Just make a batch of your favorite flavor cupcakes and icing and then grab some black fondant to create the famous mouse ears! I used a circle cookie cutter I had to create Mickey's face and then the bottom of one of decorating tips to create the circles for his ears!

Mickey Mouse cupcakes in the making!

Next put some icing (I used traditional buttercream) in a piping bag with a large round tip and swirl it on top of the cupcakes! Gently press on the black fondant circles to create Mickey's face.

While I was in Disney, I just had to find myself something "Mickey" to bring back as a souvenir and I was so excited when I came across this red Mickey cookie cutter! Wow that is one large cookie cutter, but I know it is going to make some adorable cookies some day! All over Disney they have the famous mouse ears everywhere you look, hidden in the building architecture, on art work, souvenirs of course and also on super cute sweet confections! I couldn't help but take pictures of all the sweet treats I found with Mickey's signature ears all over them!

Gingerbreadmen Mickey's! What a clever idea!

Mickey ear jaw breakers!

Mickey Rice Krispie Treats on a stick!

and of course Mickey & Minnie chocolate covered apples! I'm thinking they probably used some marshmallows dipped in chocolate to create Mickey's ears and Minnie's red bow! Super Cute!

Here's a picture of Sarah (first time marathoner on left) and me with this really unique paint splattered Mickey statue!

And you can't leave Disney World without a picture of Mickey himself. I know I'm probably unrecognizable in all my layers of running clothes, but I just had to get a picture with the famous mouse and me wearing my "Will run for Cupcakes" headband....very appropriate!

Thanks for sharing in my Mickey adventures!


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute. You are so clever. Nice pictures of you and Mickey.

  2. Yummy! I will definatly have to do a drive by to come pick up a cupcake!

  3. Aw these are so sweet love them, when I was there they didn't have the Mickey and Minnie toffee apples, they look so good!! Yum!!

  4. And you are so thin dispate of all the cupcakes! Congratulations on the marathon, and thanks for the nice mickey cupcake tip!


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