Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fondant Farm Animals!

BAAA, MOO, OINK, QUACK...these are the sounds of the farm animals I just spent tonight making out of fondant. I went over to Evan's house, my cake blogging friend from Mobile, Buttercakes by Evan to learn how to make fondant farm animals....this was so much fun. Thanks Evan for dinner and my first fondant lesson! How cute are these sheep, cows, pigs and ducks... ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

Evan invited me and one of her friend's Billie over to make these animals. They are going to be used as cupcake toppers for Billie's three year old nieces' birthday party this weekend. Evan has made these creations once before, check out how cute the final farm scene turned out here.

Fondant is basically like playdough for cake decorators, it comes in a variety of colors and it is edible too. By starting with basic shapes, like varying sizes of round balls we were able to create all of these animals!

We needed to make a total of 12 animals, there were 3 of us, so we each got to make 4 animals, one of each type. We started out with the chicken, which was the easiest and ended up with the sheep which was the most complicated since you have to roll out all of the little balls of fondant to create its big cotton coat. Leave me a comment letting me know which farm animal is your favorite! I think I definitely like the sheep the best, the little balls of cotton just make it look so cute and fluffy!

Here's a picture of Evan and Billie my new cake decorating friends!


  1. Your animals are very cute and clever. They look great for your first attempt. Good job!

  2. I thought I left a comment before...must've forgotten to type that code thingy in. Anyhoo, we had a WONDERFUL time!!! You're are welcome in my hizzy anytime, lady!

  3. Wow these are awesome! I love turning food into art.


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