Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Mix!

Happy October! I have been anxiously awaiting Fall to arrive so I could make this FALL MIX! If you are in the mood for something both salty & sweet, you have got to try this!

All you have to do is combine 3 things: Planter's Cocktail Peanuts, Peanut M&M's & Brach's Autumn Mix (the assorted bag with the traditional white, orange and yellow candy corn, white orange and chocolate candy corn, & orange pumpkins.

Oh and one last thing...I picked out the red & blue M&Ms from the bag...only using the yellow, orange, green and brown ones to keep with the fall color scheme.

I was introduced to Fall Mix last October at the end of one of my 20 mile marathon training runs by my coach, Kelly. At the end of all our long runs we are told to eat a salty snack to help replenish the salt we have lost through our sweat while running. This was a great pick me up at the end of such a long run! Thanks Coach Kelly (CoKe) for such an awesome fall salty sweet treat!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I just made my Fall Mix last night.


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