Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alphabet Soup & Animal Cupcakes!

This weekend was my friend Andrea's baby shower, so what better way to celebrate than with some CUTE cupcakes! This is Andrea's first baby and she is having a boy, Drew. I came up with the idea for the cupcake designs from the nursery bedding Andrea registered for called "Alphabet Soup" - a patchwork quilt of all the letters of the alphabet and various animals.

I found these adorable toothpick cupcake animal toppers of zebras, tigers, lions and elephants at Michaels and I thought these would be perfect for my theme. Next I needed to figure out how to create toppers for the letters of the alphabet...

So where better to get inspiration from when creating crafts, than Martha Stewart. I found a pack of baby boy themed paper and alphabet stickers in the Martha Stewart section at Michaels, and from there got the idea to make my own cupcake toppers. I also bought a 1 1/2" scalloped punch to create a cute edge for my paper cutouts. Are you ready to see the cupcake toppers come to life...these are going to be cute!

Cupcake Topper Supplies:
-decorative paper
-1 1/2" scalloped punch
-double sided tape
-alphabet stickers

Ta Da! Look how adorable these toppers turned out...every letter A-Z.

Then it was time to ice the cupcakes...all 49 of them. My quilt pattern called for a 7 x 7 display of cupcakes using blue, green & brown to incorporate the primary colors used in the baby bedding.

After icing all the cupcakes, it was time to set them up in the 7 x 7 pattern of alternating colors green, brown & blue before adding the cupcake toppers!

Alphabet Soup Cupcake Quilt is complete!

In addition to the cupcakes I also made brownie pops dipped in white chocolate and colored with blue food coloring to hand out as favors for all the shower guests. I got this idea from Bakerella and had previously made them as red velvet cake pops. This time around I decided to try them as brownies and the combination of the chocolate brownie and white chocolate coating was delicious!

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