Thursday, September 20, 2012

Polka Dot Inspired

I kind of have an obsession with all things baby right now! I can't believe my little boy is about to be 6 months old on the 25th of this month! Where has the time gone?  It has been so fun seeing him grow and learn each month. It seemed like just yesterday he was born, and now he is already able to sit up on his own and talks to us all the time in his sweet little baby language and laughs all the time at the silliest things! It definitely seems like this was the year for a bunch of our friends to have babies, which has been so fun because Sam has so many little friends that he will be able to grow up with.

We recently went to Charleston, SC to visit some of our friends who just had little girls so it was great to get to see Sam and them interact together. Of course I am a sucker for cute baby clothing, and especially little girl stuff. I think it's probably better that we had a little boy because I have seen way too many adorable girl outfits that I have wanted to buy lately adorned with ruffles and flowers and bright colors and patterns. On occasion I do scoop up a few little girl outfits for gifts for our friend's babies. When I saw these pale pink polka dot onesies I just couldn't pass them up. So I grabbed three of them and decided, hey why not make some cookies to match!

I love getting decorating inspiration from clothing...didn't these just turn out adorable?

Not only do I have an obsession with girl baby clothes, but also with cute gift packaging. On a recent trip to TJMaxx I seriously hit the jackpot and stumbled upon box after box of Martha Stewart treat boxes...stripes, polka dots, and these pale pink boxes you see here with the scalloped edges. So I loaded up my cart and now have a closet full of adorable packaging readily available for just the right was the case here.

Seriously, does it get any and polka dots! I just love the way these sweet little gifts for our friends turned out.


  1. Adorable, from start to finish!!! I am a pastry chef and have made so many onesie cookies for baby showers, but I have never seen anything quite so fun. I also love the finished packaged gifts. Well done -

  2. just as sweet as can be. I can smell that sweet baby smell just from looking at your cute onsies.


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