Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome Cookies

I just had two of the cutest kids in the whole entire world come visit me this week so of course I had to welcome them with cookies! One of my best childhood friends Katie (also a lover of SUGAR cookies), and her family drove through Mobile for a night on their way home from spring break in Florida. Since we moved away from KY over 4 years ago to Mobile I only get to see Katie a few times a year. So it was a nice surprise when she asked if they could stop by for a day. Although it was a quick visit, it was great to hang out and see how much the kids are growing!

Meet Kaylee...the big sister who just turned 3 years old and recently got her ears pierced!

She loved her ice cream cone sugar cookies. Love that smile! her strawberry blond hair.

Here's Little Collier...he just turned 1 a few months ago! He is definitely one of the happiest babies I have ever seen, always has a smile on his face and loved our dog Tillman.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit Mills family! Glad we got to enjoy some cookies together! Come back anytime!


  1. Sweet post! I love getting together with old friends and their kiddos! And of course, awesome that you made cookies for their visit.

  2. You live in Mobile!? Me too! I was commenting on MyCakeSchool Blog and noticed you had commented. I recognized your blog from the Half Baked blog so I popped on over and saw this post! For some reason it's exciting to see a blogger so close to home.


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