Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Dessert Table

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful day with friends and family, and most of all remembered the true meaning for today. It has been a great weekend here in Mobile, filled with a successful fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, beautiful weather and spending time with my family. My mom, sister and brother-in-law came down to visit from KY so we have been enjoying time together baking Easter goodies, site seeing and eating way too much good food! We enjoyed a delicous Easter brunch at one of the downtown hotels and as if the dessert at the brunch wasn't enough for us, we came home and ate even more sweets from this Easter dessert table I created!

I just love the whole idea of dessert tables. They are such a fun way to display a variety of sweet indulgences that can be the center piece of any party! I have been running around trying to get some of my families favorite Easter treats so that I would have something for everyone on the dessert spread.

PEEPS...I am not a huge fan of this super sugary marshmallow candy, but they are one of my mom's favorites! She loves to let them get stale first and then eat them.

SUGAR COOKIES...these are for my sister, Emily! I have been making this sugar cookie and royal icing recipe for the past few months now for various occassions and posting pictures of them on my blog. And everytime I post a new sugar cookie she asks "when are you going to make some cookies for me". Well since we live 11 hours away from each other it is kind of hard to make cookies for her. So I figured we could make and deocrate a batch together while she was here this weekend. She really enjoyed being able to get creative with different colors of icing and creating unique Easter egg designs.

The plastic multi-color Easter eggs are a must have at any Easter celebration! When I was younger, we would always have an egg hunt at my grandparents house. My grandfather would always fill the eggs with his change, but there would always be a few special eggs filled with dollar bills...and we thought we had struck it rich if we got an egg with a green bill inside! Those were the good ole days! I told my sister I wanted to have an egg hunt in our back yard, but we just didn't get around to it this year!

And it's not Easter without some bunny cookies!

I just love all the pastel candy available this time of year...Plain & Peanut M&Ms, Reese's Pieces eggs and Sweet Tart Jelly Beans. I had picked up these cute martini glasses a few years ago at Target and just love how all the candy looks displayed in them.

CANDY DOTS...these were my brother-in-law Rob's favorite! I had no clue that he would take such a liking to these, but this was the first thing he went for. They just reminded me of my childhood so I couldn't resist picking up a pack of them to add to the table.

I bought everyone Easter baskets and basically told them to "go shopping" from the dessert table to fill up their basket with Easter treats! As you can see I think everyone made out quite well! This is going to be their road trip snacking food for the 725 mile drive home tomorrow! I'm so glad my family could come and visit for the weekend, but the time definitely flew by too fast!


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